Why do I have a web site?
That's a very good question.

Originally I started my own website to see if I could drum up some work for myself. Well it wasn't long after it was up that I started working for Pixar. Since that time I've rarely updated it or paid any attention to it, mainly because I've had little time to do so.

I still don't have time to do much updating but I thought I might be able to utilize the website better by posting clips of my work for friends and family to see. Often friends and family will ask what I'm working on and what shots did I do in a particular movie. It's hard to verbally explain a shot I've worked on without a lot of boring and often confusing explanation. So I thought why not put it here so they can see exactly what I did.

So, if you're a friend, a family member or someone who just stumbled upon this website, welcome, and I hope I've managed to answer the question, "why."